My Specialties

Whether you are seeking stylish social media content, an irresistible dating profile, a standout bio,  fashion copywriting, a freelance fashion editor, or every word composed  for an entire website you can count on me to write something cool!


Bios For Creatives


A beautiful bio begins with a great one-on-one interview. Asking the right questions and getting in-depth answers creates the perfect set-up for excellent content. Allow me to write your personal and proffesional bio or website content for your creative business, product or service.


Websites for Fashion People and Creatives

Sometimes short and sweet just won't do.  That's why I have already put together  a talented   team of wordy pros ready to collaborate with me on  longer projects like  entire websites. So, just ask and consider it done! We will meet your deadline!



Need a name for a business or URL that has a ring to it? I am excellent at brainstorming and would be delighted to write you a list of memorable names to choose from.


Need something else? From signature slogans  to event names to  creative concepts for unique companies and creative people  I can help!


Rescue Writing

Write something yourself that could use a bit of doctoring up or did you hire someone else to do some writing and it's just a bit too blase? Need a rewrite? No worries, all you need is the rescue my writing product. People ask me all the time to redo their bios or fix up lingo for them. I have an excellent proofreader as well, so don't hesitate to hand over what you've got to me and I will hand it back to you better than ever!


Show Pitches. Treatments. Idea Pitches.

Got a great Idea for a reality show?

I have written reality show overviews that generated  in-person meetings with top network excutives at BRAVO and THE STYLE NETWORK. Every show I have ever written or co- wrote was optioned except one. I can also write you a magical treatment just as easily!


Pricing guide for Creative Specialties:


  • Bios for Creative types from $175.00 (includes initial interview meeting and 2 approval adjustments)​

  • Full websites for creative types and businesses start at $500.00

  • Creative consulting for concepts and ideas start at $37.50 per hour

  • Need a rewrite? Rescue your writing starts at $80.00

  • Show Pitches  and product pitches start at $750.00

  • Treatments start at $275.00

Dating Profiles


These days there are dating sites for every age, personality, and interest from to and everything in between. 


In my observation, the biggest mistake people make when writing a dating profile is trying to appeal to "everybody" rather than writing a profile that appeals to the specific type of person they want to date. You don't need the whole world to answer, you want the perfect match to answer. 


Other common mistakes include: not being accurate about who you are, sounding negative, and not highlighting your personal accomplishments and hobbies that set you apart from the millions of other profiles online. 


 Great profiles get cupid all fired up to find you the perfect match!



My Dating Profile Specialties:


Fun Personalized Usernames: $5.00 USD each

( minimum order 6 )


Accurate Attention-Getting  Profiles start at $150.00 
( includes : initial interview, headline, username and delivered profile)


Profile Quick Fix : Starts $80.00

( includes : honest feedback and advice based on focus group suggestions, picture improvement tips and quick re-write )



Great profiles get cupid all fired up to find you that perfect match


Fashion Copy


Good fashion copy makes the story come to life and ties the concept of your shoot all together. My approach is to take the photos from the story and write something smart, current, and clever that will teach readers about the trend being presented. My background also encompasses extensive experience in producing fashion shoots so if you need a freelance fashion editor to do it all from the beginning to end, choose me to get the job done!


Social Media Content

Many magazines have utilized my talent for fashion stories throughout the years (see my writing story) but with the advent of social media, my talent is the perfect match to write all your style related updates each month. 



Have an E-Commerce site? I love writing product descriptions that conjure up desire and offer distinct reasons why your product would be fun to own and enjoy. 


  • fashion copy and social media writing : click let's collaborate for a quote

  • e-commerce product descriptions: $5.00 each. Order minimum of 10 required (does not include measuring or posting and is for fashion related sites, decor or style related items only)

  •  Will do on site where products or garments  are located if local and/or email them to you if done via internet for non-locals.



My goal is to drive up sales and let the "words" do the work of closing the sale for you.



      Check out my writing samples:     



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Product Description​

Sweet Red and White Pin Dot Sun Dress

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